Smartphone Telescope Adapter

smartphone telescope adapter

We recently had a family BBQ in the backyard so I pulled out my telescope so that everyone could look at the moon, planets, and stars. It was a big success as we all took turns sitting by the fire ring, looking through the telescope, and making s’mores.

As we were sitting around talking, someone asked if we could take a picture of the moon through the telescope using a smartphone. Yes, taking a picture through the telescope is easy with the use of a smartphone telescope adapter.

The smartphone telescope adapter is a device where one side of it attaches to a telescope near the eyepiece and the other side of the adapter has a mounting bracket that will hold a smartphone’s camera up to the eyepiece.  So whatever is being viewed through the telescope eyepiece is positioned so that it is facing directly into the camera lens of the smartphone.

Now you just activate a picture taking app on the smartphone and click away!

What Does The Smartphone Telescope Adapter Look Like?

I researched and found this universal smartphone telescope adapter online. It has 1000’s of reviews and received high marks from customers (4 out of 5 stars).

smartphone telescope adapter - small and large 400x320

Regular and Large Sizes Are Available To Fit Most Telescopes

The adapter is constructed from a combination of stainless steel and a high-grade polymer plastic. It is black in color and has three adjustment screws (which are adjustable by hand).

  • Screw #1 – Is used to attach the smartphone telescope adapter to the body of the telescope close to the eyepiece.
  • Screw #2 – This screw is the adjustment used for holding the smartphone to the adapter device. It provides an adjustable, universal fit so that most smartphones will easily fit.
  • Screw #3 – The last screw provides the capability to align the smartphone’s camera lens to match with the eyepiece of the telescope.

This simple and straightforward design and construction of the smartphone telescope adapter make it easy to use with almost any telescope and smartphone combination.

Does This Smartphone Telescope Adapter With An iPhone?  Or an Android phone?

Yes, the smartphone telescope adapter supports all type smartphones, independent of their underlying operating system.  So it works with iPhones, Android devices, and just about any other smartphone.

Will Your Smartphone Fit Into The Adapter?

The universal smartphone adjustable clamp is designed to safely a smartphone with a width from 54mm up to 90mm.  This means it will work with most smartphones including iPhones and most models of smartphones from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and HTC.

smartphone telescope adapterWill The Adapter Work With A Refractor Telescope?  Or A Reflector Telescope?  Or A Cassegrain Telescope?

The universal smartphone telescope adapter is designed to work with any type of telescope, including Refractor, Reflector, and Cassegrain. It is made to interface with eyepieces that have an outside diameter (O.D.) from 32mm up to 62mm (1.26″ – 2.44″ inches).

There is a second version made for smaller eyepieces, 28mm to 47mm (1.1″ up to 1.85″ inches)

Can I Leave The Adapter Attached To My Telescope?

Yes, the smartphone telescope adapter can be left attached to the telescope making it ready to go for future viewing sessions. It’s compact size and functional design mean that the device may be left attached to the telescope without any problems.

How’s that for convenience?

To help you visualize the compact size of the smartphone telescope adapter, It’s physical dimensions are 1.4″ (L) x 3.2″ (W) x 6.2″ (H) and weighs about 6.2 ounces.

Advantages Of This Smartphone Camera Adapter

After using this smartphone telescope adapter for about one year, I can tell you that I just LOVE IT!  And here’s what I love about it:

  • For a low cost – I have the ability to take photographs using my smartphone of the Moon, Planets, Stars, etc.
  • Simple to set up – The adapter device is so simple and straightforward to use, in fact, my 10-yr old daughter can easily set it up
  • Easy to use – The great design of this smartphone telescope adapter means that swapping out smartphones is super easy (under 30 seconds). So this means that I can take a picture with my smartphone, and then someone else can replace their smartphone in the holder and begin using it for their viewing session almost immediately.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using This Smartphone Telescope Adapter?

If there is one disadvantage to this smartphone telescope adapter, it is that it does not provide a direct connection between the eyepiece of the telescope and the camera lens of the smartphone. While the adapter device can be adjusted to so that the camera lens is in direct contact with the eyepiece, there will always be a tiny air gap between the two components.

The tiny air gap means that some light from the object being viewed “leaks out” from between the eyepiece and the camera lens.

Also note that with this setup, it is not designed to take award-winning photographs that you might see in the “Sky & Telescope” or the “National Geographic” magazines. You will, however, be able to quickly and easily photograph images you see through your telescope using your smartphone.

smartphone telescope adapter

Works great with binoculars!

Can I use The Smartphone Camera Adapter For Other Devices?

Yes. This device will also work with Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Microscopes, and Monoculars. I thought that this was capability pretty cool and so it really deserves to be called a Universal Smartphone Adapter. When used with binoculars, you’ll be able to see animals, plants, mountains, beaches, wide scenarios, buildings, structures, cars, airplanes, trains, cities, villages, sporting events, concerts, gatherings, people, and the like. You’ll love the quality of the photos you can take and share with family and friends using your smartphone and this universal smartphone adapter.

Takes pictures from a microscope

For scientific work and activities, don’t forget that this universal smartphone adapter can be used for both astronomy as well as microscopy. While I have never attached it to a microscope, my niece is a medical student and when I sent her one of these devices for her to use, she was ecstatic to learn that it had the ability for her to take photographs using her smartphone of images she was viewing through her laboratory microscope.

Wrapping It Up

After owning and using the Universal Smartphone Telescope Adapter for just over one year, I am very happy with the construction, performance, and how it has enabled me and my family to take some great astrophotography pictures using a smartphone.

My family and I have really enjoyed using the adapter during our viewing session on a regular basis. In fact, my daughter and I had a contest between us see who could capture a picture of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn first using their smartphone. I ended up losing, but we each got awesome pictures of these planets on our smartphones that we took ourselves. Next, we’re going to try for Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus!



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